Frozen Produce - Banana + Spinach (2 x 1kg)

Frozen organic bananas and spinach to make smoothies and more at home.

Frozen Produce - Banana + Spinach (2 x 1kg)

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Frozen Produce - Banana + Spinach (2 x 1kg)

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Stock up on frozen produce for at-home smoothie making and cooking. Consists of:

  • Organic Frozen Chopped Bananas (1kg)
  • Frozen Spinach Pucks, Non-GMO (1kg) 

Our frozen produce is sold in multiples of two so that they can keep each other chilled during transport. They're also shipped with insulated bags and ice packs.

Blending this frozen produce into a smoothie? Try one of our organic Plantmilks.

Please note: we recommend selecting a delivery window during which you're home so that you can place these in the freezer immediately upon delivery. Should your bag thaw a little, simply lay flat in the freezer and, once refrozen, gently tap to separate any pieces which may have stuck together.

Brought to you by Greenhouse's Organic pantry.

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