When the thing that’s good for you is also just plain good, everybody wins.

That’s why Caitlin looks so happy. It's also why we started Greenhouse.

We wanted to want the thing that’s good for us. Not to plug our nose and think stoic thoughts. Not to poke at a side salad when we could have ordered curly fries.

We wanted to desire, crave, and yearn for the life-sustaining thing. The happy-tomorrow thing. So in 2014, we started making good-tasting drinks from organic plants and bottling them in glass.

Over a million bottles later, Greenhouse still makes drinks you’ll want to want. Drinks that make it feel good to be good. And now they’re available across Canada.

Certified Organic

+ Non-GMO

Plant-Based for
a Healthy Future

in Glass

Made with Love in Canada

Meet our greatest hits.

This website is making me thirsty.

Find Greenhouse in grocery stores across Canada, order here for doorstep delivery in the Toronto area and Vancouver, or come visit us at one of our very own shops in our hometown (Toronto).

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More plants, more often.

Your mother, the planet, and the voice in your head are all telling you to eat (and drink) more plants. We're here to help.

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