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Cold-Pressed Juices

Psst! Trying to sneak more veggies into someone’s life? Over here.



The Good


Deep Roots

Wing Man

The Giver

The Stranger



Pocket-sized plant-based power-ups.

Fiery Ginger

Inside Job



Booster Sampler 4-Pack

Flu Shot

E3 Live


Cleanses + Kits

Turn over a new leaf with a 1-, 2-, or 3-day Cleanse. Plus, carefully curated Kits offering savings and speedy satisfaction.

Gentle Cleanse

Standard Cleanse

Green Cleanse

Greenhouse's Greatest Hits

Low Sugar Kit

Immunity Kit

Days of the Week Greens

Kombucha Sampler 6-Pack

Booster Sampler 4-Pack


Our Kombuchas are made with cold-pressed juice and come in at 8g of sugar or less.

Ginger Turmeric Kombucha

Lime Lemongrass Kombucha

Ultraviolet Kombucha

Grapefruit Kombucha

Citrus Cayenne Kombucha

Cranberry Kombucha

Kombucha Sampler 6-Pack


Plant-based hedonism at its best, our Shakes are great on-the-go breakfasts or snacks.


Vanilla Almond Brekky

Matcha Brekky


Organic, clean-label, glass-bottled and dairy-free. So much to bring to the breakfast table.

Unsweetened Almondmilk




Swing by our stand for some low-sugar, probiotic, thirst-quenching takes on this childhood classic.

Blue Lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade

Spicy Turmeric Lemonade

Chia Seed Hydrator

Merch + Gift Cards

Not thirsty? Here are some non-drinkables for your consideration. Gift Card

Clank-Less Tote

The Greenhouse Cookbook

Herbert Labs

Clarify Dandelion Sparkling Phytotonic

Uplift Ashwagandha Sparkling Phytotonic

Unwind Passionflower Sparkling Phytotonic

Clarify Dandelion Phytotonic Booster

Uplift Ashwagandha Phytotonic Booster

Unwind Passionflower Phytotonic Booster

Pantry goods from local businesses delivered to your kitchen.

For Your Cupboard

Some staples (and a couple of treats) for your cupboard or fridge.

LivLong Labs Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

Terroni Peperoncini Piccanti

Rawcology Blueberry Raw Crunch Granola

Rawcology Chocolate Raw Crunch Granola

The Roasted Nut Almond Butter

The Roasted Nut Peanut Butter

Beekeeper's Naturals Cacao Honey

Beekeeper's Naturals B.Powered Superfood Honey

Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis Spray

Escuminac Extra Rare Maple Syrup

Parallel Brothers Sesame Butter (Tahini)

St. Francis Herbs 1:1 Oil of Oregano

St. Francis Herbs Vitamin D-For-All

Good Goddess Curtonic Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tincture

Good Goddess Belly Behave

Tattle Plant Protein Blend - Chocolate

Tattle Organic MCT Oil Powder

Organic Hemp Hearts

Terroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Snacks + Treats

Because we all need a little (healthful) indulgence every so often.

The Roasted Nut Six Mix

The Roasted Nut Roasted Salted Nuts

Stellar Eats Chocolate Cake + Cupcake Mix

Stellar Eats Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Good Goddess Cloud Yogurt

Shockingly Healthy Double Chocolate Brownies

Shockingly Healthy Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies

Shockingly Healthy Peppermint Brownies

Mid-Day Squares Almond Crunch

Mid-Day Squares Fudge Yah

'Nufs Ginger Orange

'Nufs Pandan Coconut

Nomz Almond Bites

Nomz Hazelnut Bites

JOYÀ Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate (61.5%)

JOYÀ Dark Chocolate (70%)

Fresh + Frozen Produce

Stock up on bulk pantry, fridge, and freezer items.

Frozen Produce - Banana + Blueberries (2 x 1kg)

Frozen Produce - Banana + Spinach (2 x 1kg)

Frozen Produce - Spinach + Blueberries (2 x 1kg)

Meal Solutions

Create healthful, plant-based meals at home.

Choose Life Foods Coconut Kale Jamaican Patties

Choose Life Foods Beefless Lover's Spicy Patties

The Daily Dumpling Wonton Co. Vegan Wontons

Sugo Sauce

Elle Cuisine Plant-Based Chili

Elle Cuisine Butternut Squash + Apple Soup

Elle Cuisine Smokey Split Pea Soup

Elle Cuisine Mushroom + Lentil Soup

Abokichi Instant Miso Soup

Unbun Vegan Unbuns

Unbun Untortilla

Wholly Veggie Patties - Herby Garlic Greens

Impossible Burger Made from Plants

Herbs, Spices + Condiments

Spice up your life!

Abokichi OKAZU Chili Miso Sauce

Abokichi OKAZU Spicy Chili Miso Sauce

Homegrown Heat Organic Habanero Sauce

The Spice Trader Sumac

Maldon Salt

Tea, Coffee + Drinks

Steep, brew, mix, and pour to your heart's content.

Pilot Heritage Blend Coffee

Ezra's Pound Perc Coffee

Matcha Ninja

Matcha Ninja Blue Matcha

Blume Organic Chili Turmeric Latté Blend

Blume Organic Beetroot Latté Blend

Rainbo Chaga

Rainbo 11:11